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our team

Foreign & Domestic was founded in 2010 by Ned & Jodi Elliot.

The young couple had a passion for perfection, & quickly developed a following.


In 2017 Foreign & Domestic was acquired by Nathan Lemley & Sarah Heard

who continued the vision, by pushing boundaries,

& pushing themselves & their staff daily.

Chefs Sarah & Nathan strive to be leaders

in the community, develop strong relationships with local farms & local non-profits, and are always striving to set a good example to the 

young cooks they're lucky to work with. 

In 2020 F&D welcomed a new baby sister, Commerce Cafe to the family.


Foreign & Domestic is the sum of the people who work hard daily to ensure the ambiance, the food, the experience, & the culture are upheld.

These people include the farmers, the drivers, the sales reps,

 our guests who champion for us daily,

& of course, our incredible, dedicated staff. 

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